Holy Week Kids Page

Holy Week Kids Page

Kids Holy Week Devotionals and Activities

Monday 4-6-2020

Click here to see Matthew 21:12-13

Craft: Click here to Create Your Own Church/Temple print out

Coloring Page: Jesus Cleansing The Temple

Tuesday 4-7-2020

Click here to See Mark 11:20-25

Craft:  Click here to Make a Fig Tree

Wednesday 4-8-2020 (video posted (9:00am)

Click here to see Luke 21:37-28

Craft Part 1: Click here for Praying Hands Craft

Craft Part 2. Click here for insert for praying hand

Thursday 4-9-2020 (video posted 9:00am)

Click here to see Mark 14:22-25

Friday 4-10-2020 (video posted 9:00am)

Click here to see Mathew 27:1-2

Click here see John 10:11

Craft #1: Click here to see colorful Cross 

Craft #2: Click here for Paper Airplane

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