Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week

Palm Sunday (Sunday, April 5th): We encourage you to make some Palm leaves for this service. When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, they waved Palm branches and leaves as he entered.  Here is a link to making some Palm branches.

If you prefer, the church has ordered some real Palm branches.  Let us know and we can try to coordinate a way to drop some palm branches off at your house.

Good Friday (Friday, April 10th): This service is supposed to be a service contemplating the death of Jesus Christ. Try to set the mood in your house accordingly (e.g. turning your lights down, lighting a few candles).  We always celebrate the Resurrection, but this service is a focus on the death and final words of Jesus Christ before He was crucified.

Easter Communion Service (Sunday, April 12th):   This is the day when we celebrate and commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. There will never be a good substitute for meeting and celebrating the Lord’s supper in person.  In fact, that is the proper way to celebrate the sacraments.  However, this is both a special occasion and our denomination and theology allow for making exceptions in extreme situations such as this.   We are inviting those who call Christ their Savior to do this in their homes for Easter Sunday.  You have two options.

First: We have purchased personal Communion kits (juice and wafer) at the church for single usage.  We will leave them on a table outside the main doors of the church on 4/8- 4/10 from 10 AM – 2 PM each day for you and your family to pick up.  If you cannot make it to the church building or would prefer to have the elements dropped off at your house, please contact Paul or Chris.

Second: Alternatively, you can prepare your own Communion kit at home.  Please do this before the service starts.  We ask that you set aside a cracker, wafer, pita, tortilla, or something similar.  Next, set out some juice, wine, or something similar in a cup.  Each person will need a small portion of the bread and juice.

It would be good if you could place the elements within arms reach of where you watching the service.  If you want, you can cover the bread and juice with a cloth until it is time to start Communion, as we typically do in our Communion services.  Pastor Chris will lead us through Communion during the live-stream.

* Remember, children are to refrain until parents and elders feel they are ready.  They can help prepare and you can talk to them about the meaning and importance of this sacrament and why we do it.  It is about faith in Christ!

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