Ladies’ Virtual Fall Retreat

Ladies’ Virtual Fall Retreat

Ladies’ retreat online via zoom with optional outdoor walk at Meadowlark Gardens.

Being made in God’s image puts a desire within us to prayer, but sometimes prayer can be so hard.  If you, like many of us, struggle to have a sustained prayer life, join us as we explore together how our prayer lives can be transformed.  We will also learn how praying in community, especially during these unprecedented times, can be powerful.

There is no registration cost to attend retreat or outdoor walk.  Click here to register.  Registration ends September 25.

Julie Courtney works for seeJesus, a ministry that creates discipleship tools and trains people on how to use them.  She has traveled domestically and internationally, training small group leaders, leading women’s retreats, and mentoring women.  Outside of work, Julie likes to bike and go for walks—she loves being outdoors!  She also knits and makes jewelry.  Julie previously lived in Reston and was an active member of RPC.  She is excited to help us grow in our prayer lives and is looking forward to spending time with the RPC family.









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