Latest Update

Latest Update

Sunday June 7, 2020  11 am

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Monday June 8, 2020

We are having an all church prayer meeting from 5:30-6:00.  If you are interested in joining please contact the church office to be given the details.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

As Always:

Carefully follow the practical preventative measures offered by the CDC.

Mobile Giving: This is a great time to make use of mobile giving. You can contribute  from the church website or here:

Sermons: As always, audio and video recordings of the sermon will be available here.

The elders are praying that our merciful God would come to our aid – that He would protect us, our loved ones, and those around us – that all would know He reigns supreme over the affairs of men and women. We ask you to join us in this endeavor. Take time to pray with your loved ones, friends and others.

In Christ,

-Pastor Chris on behalf of the Session


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