Young Adults

Young Adults

Young Adult

[Coronavirus update] We live in a very unique time, but God has blessed us with many ways for our community to stay connected.  We have various activities going on throughout the week and meet virtually for our Sunday night fellowship and discussion.  Please contact Jon Kim for more information.

While we’ve heard that millennials are the loneliest American generation, the competition and pressure of the D.C. culture can be even more alienating for them. Our young adult ministry offers a supportive and fun community that uses the Gospel to fight against these values and offers true friendship, belonging, and purpose. Our young adults’ group meets each Sunday from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at a church member’s home and features fellowship and discussion. The group also gathers frequently for social events, such as movies, bowling, D.C. cultural events, game nights, and area day trips. Come make friends, share your gifts, and grow with God. Please contact Jon Kim if you’d like to know more!

College Ministry

With so many colleges in the area, we have a desire to build out a ministry that gathers and supports the students in our area. Please email Pastor Chris Bear if you have any questions.

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