Outdoor 3:30 PM Service

Outdoor 3:30 PM Service

Outdoor 3:30 PM Service

We are excited to have this option for everyone!  Please read the following details.

Inclement Weather:  Please check the church website for updates related to the service and weather.  We will post updates as needed starting Saturday night.  The outdoor services will not be moved indoors for any reason.

Social distancing and masks:
We are going to have a designated area in the parking lot for people to sit with 15 feet of distancing between each family. Please bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on. We ask everyone to wear their masks coming from their car and to their seating space, going back to their car, or when going to use the bathroom. But you are welcome to remove your mask when in your seating space.

The playground will be available after the service is over but will be closed before and during the service.

The restrooms in the church foyer will be open, but we encourage you to use your restrooms at home prior to coming to the church, as this will be a shorter service.

All the spaces in our lot will be available with the exception of the spaces near the trees. That area will marked off with cones. The area near the trees is where we will be asking you to set-up chairs in pre-marked spaces.

We have a PDF of the bulletin for the service. We encourage you to print them at home or use your device for the bulletin, as we’ll be outside with no projection screen.

Communion 1st Sunday of Month:   When you arrive at the church, we’ll have a volunteer at our welcome table to hand you your communion kit for the service. Hand sanitizer will be available at our welcome table as well.

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